Compatible Bulb in cage fits Smart Board 20-01032-20 / ST29017 / / SP.8BZ01GC01 Replacement Lamp

Important Reminder - Avoid Relamping and Bare Lamps!
This lamp is sold complete with Module and Housing included. Others sell only the Lamp or Bulb which requires manual installation involving removing the old lamp and rewiring the new lamp into the existing housing. By purchasing the Complete Module and Housing installation is safe, quick and easy.
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Type: OEM Equivalent Lamp
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Lamp In Box: 1 Unit(s)
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Replacement projector lamps for the following
Projector Models:
Smart Board 600i4
Smart Board 680i (3)
Smart Board 680i Gen 3
Smart Board 880i4
Smart Board 885i4
Smart Board D600i4
Smart Board SB660
Smart Board SB680
Smart Board SB680i3
Smart Board SB685
Smart Board SBD660
Smart Board SBD680
Smart Board SBD685
Smart Board SBM685i6
Smart Board SBP-15X
Smart Board SBP-20W
Smart Board SBX880i4
Smart Board SBX885i4
Smart Board SPB-10X
Smart Board ST230i
Smart Board TABLE 230i
Smart Board UF55
Smart Board UF55W
Smart Board UF65
Smart Board UF65W
Smart Board UNIFI 55
Smart Board UNIFI 55W
Smart Board Unifi 65

Original Part Number:
Smart Board 20-01032-20
Smart Board ST29017
Smart Board
Smart Board SP.8BZ01GC01
Projector Manufacturer:
SKU: 20-01032-20 / ST29017 / / SP.8BZ01GC01
OM Lamp Wattage
Life Time (STD)
Life Time (ECO)
No. of Lamps inside the machine
Original Bulb Manufacturer
The above specification is released by the projector manufacturer, for reference only. The actual life time may vary depending on the working environment
To ensure your satisfaction on your purchases, all lamps sold by us will be entitled to 150 days warranty.
Reminder : Please obtain an RMA number before sending the defective lamps back.